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Ian Baldwin

Ian Baldwin

Retail Business Consultant, Nursery Business Consultants

Retail business consultant Ian Baldwin was born in England and has worked in the nursery industry since he was 16, holding a BSc in Horticulture from London and an MBA from Medway also in England. He has lived in California since 1986 and is an American citizen.


For over 30 years, Ian has consulted for the best lawn and garden center companies in North America and Europe on store-planning, merchandising, “retail detail,” team and business leadership and increasingly, financial success. Ian is a blogger, a trained trainer and facilitator, has been an expert witness, a “Strategic Retreat” leader and a thought-leading market analyst.


His business management program “The Garden Center University” set the standard for future training in the business of the retail garden business and is fully subscribed at each enrollment.


For the last seven years, Ian has been the Analyst and Commentator for the “National Gardening Survey”, www.gardenresearch.com giving him a unique insight into the consumers’ attitudes and shopping behavior in the lawn and garden industry. 


Measuring what matters: The 5 most important metrics garden centers track and key benchmarks for the industry

February 19 @ 1:30 PM